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The Bronchogram is available at http://www.tnsrc.com/bronchogram.htm

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Life and Breath

Spread the word……If you find it hard to describe what a respiratory therapist does, here’s your answer. This 5 minute video, produced by the AARC gives a great synopsis this dynamic profession.

Another great source of information on how to become a respiratory therapist can be found at


Did You Know……………….

Your AARC membership includes:
Award-winning publications

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RC JOURNAL AND AARC TIMESAs an AARC member, you’ll have a single

source for authoritative, up-to-date information

so critically needed in our rapidly

changing health care environment.
Information resources

AARC Report — A monthly newsletter with fast-breaking news about Association activities.

AARC Staff

Advocacy and awareness

Government Representation — A full-time director of government affairs works for

you in Washington, DC, and helps the Association leaders plan strategies for introducing

legislation and influencing regulatory activities on reimbursement issues, research projects,

consumer protection, smoking laws — anything affecting the provision of quality

respiratory care.

Public Relations

State Government Affairs

Standards — The AARC promotes standards of excellence in ethics, education,

administration, and technical performance for respiratory care practitioners. These

standards represent the AARC’s position on the provision of quality respiratory

care in this country.

Personal and Professional Services

Accidental Death and Dismemberment — You receive a $10,000 accidental death

and dismemberment policy through the AARC.

Professional Liability — As an AARC member, you can receive group discounts

on professional liability insurance, as well as on life, disability, and health insurance.


Employment Opportunities — Look to the AARC’s publications to find out about

some of the exciting job opportunities around the country.

Chartered Affiliates — By joining the AARC, you have access to a state society for respiratory care. As an AARC member, you may automatically qualify for membership at the state level, or you may have to pay only a nominal fee to join your state chartered affiliate.

Do you know which state affiliate you belong to? To choose a different state than the one you live in, contact the AARC and request your state membership of choice.

American Association for Respiratory Care
11030 Ables Lane
Dallas, TX 75229-4593
(972) 243-2272
Fax (972) 484-2720
E-mail: info@aarc.org

Specialty Sections — Network with your peers who specialize in diagnostics, continuing care/rehabilitation, management, education, adult acute care, perinatal/pediatric care, subacute care, transport, or home respiratory care. Join a specialty section and get involved. Special newsletters and other items of interest are mailed to all members of the specialty sections, and section membership costs only a nominal fee.


CRCE Accreditation — The Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) system approves and accredits educational programs, assuring their value to your continuing education needs.

Continuing Education Transcripts — The CRCE system provides you with a transcript of all your continuing education activities to use as proof of attendance at educational meetings.

Degree Completion

Additional Information

If you would like to receive additional information about the AARC, please contact:

American Association for Respiratory Care
11030 Ables Lane
Dallas, TX 75229-4593
(972) 243-2272
Fax (972) 484-2720
E-mail: info@aarc.org

NBRC Continued Competency

Information can be found on the NBRC page of this website. Look for the link on the top navigation bar.

Urgent, Check out the PACT page and make a difference!!!

Are you worried about the direction your professional future is taking?

Do you see other professions getting recognition for what you have worked so hard for?

Who’s looking out for the cardiopulmonary welfare of your patients?

Think you can’t make a difference? – You’re wrong

Stop thinking about it and fix it! Check out the PACT page to see how.

Professional Organizations Power Point Presentation

This new Power Point presentation describes the missions, goals, and structures of various professional organizations vital to the success of the respiratory profession.

Use this link to join or renew your AARC membership https://www.respiratory.org/membership/application.html

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